Play Therapy

What is play therapy?

Play therapy helps children understand muddled feelings and upsetting events that they haven’t had the chance to sort out properly. Rather than having to explain what is troubling them, as adult therapy usually expects, children use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened

In the process of growing up many children experience difficulty at some time, however, often children do not have the words to describe what they are feeling or thinking. With Play Therapy I provide tools, such as art, clay, sandplay, storytelling, puppets, role play resources, and other toys for children to use,  to help them play out what they have difficulty saying with words.

Play therapy can be used to
treat symptoms such as:

  • stress & anxiety
  •  behavioural difficulties at home / school
  • low confidence
  •  low self-esteem
  •  friendship difficulties / bullying
  •  frustration & anger
  •  depression & sadness
  •  food & eating issues
  •  fears & phobias
  •  sleep & toilet issues