What I do

My aim is to gently encourage each child to become aware of their feelings, to engage in problem-solving, and to become empowered to express their feelings appropriately and to find resolutions to their struggles.

As a play therapist I meet and accept each child where he or she is at in life. I provide support to promote personal development and to facilitate each child’s capacity to be emotionally healthy.

The therapy room is equipped with a range of toys and materials including Art and craft materials, dressing up clothes and props, sand and water, clay, small people figures and animals, musical instruments, puppets, construction toys, action figures, vehicles, role play equipment & books.

These help children to express themselves in a non-verbal way which children find easier. The child leads the play and goes at their own pace, exploring the range of play materials as a way of exploring the issues that they are facing or have faced in their lives.

Play Therapy assumes a person-centred approach and is based on the principle that self healing can take place within a healing environment.
Play Therapy usually takes the form of one-on-one sessions where, as the Play Therapist, my role is to create a safe and warm environment where a child feels free to explore and express his or her feelings and experiences.

As a child recreates and expresses feelings and experiences through stories and games, I use my therapeutic skills to understand the underlying emotions and struggles and reflect these back within the metaphor of the child’s story.

In play therapy, toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language. (Landreth 2002)