worried about your child?

Is your child struggling with behaviour problems or emotional difficulties?

As a parent, are you feeling concerned, frustrated, discouraged, or powerless?

Is your child:

  • not listening to you?
  • hitting, fighting, or having problems making friends?
  • having frequent outbursts of anger or aggression?
  • overcome with worries or fears?
  • often feeling sad or withdrawing from people or activities previously enjoyed?

As a parent, are you:

  • worried or concerned that your child’s behavioural or emotional problems may get worse?
  • feeling powerless?
  • frustrated with your child’s behaviors or emotions?
  • feeling inadequate or confused after reading or hearing advice from others?

As your child grows, he or she will encounter stressful events that may lead to emotional or behavioural difficulties.
The birth of a sibling, difficulties at school, the death of a grandparent, or moving to a new home are all examples of stressful events that can cause turmoil in your child’s life and problems in your family.

Or maybe

your child may have gone through a particularly difficult or even traumatic experience. For example, a car accident, illness or hospitalisation, or divorce in the family these are all typically stressful and potentially traumatising events for children and families. Parents and other adults will often see resulting behaviour problems, withdrawal, or anxiety in children.