My Son, aged 7, attended play therapy with Emma for a period of 6 months earlier this year to address
some difficulties he was experiencing, which included aggressive behaviour and feelings of anxiety and anger. He benefited hugely from play therapy and we noticed a definite improvement in him. on the whole he enjoyed the sessions and was able to trust Emma and feel comfortable and secure with her. I found her input extremely helpful and appreciated her willingness to communicate with me and give regular feedback. I knew very little about Play Therapy prior to my son sessions but now I have no doubt in recommending this as a non-threatening and effective intervention for children with behavioural and communication issues.


The Play Therapy has done wonders for our family and our son. We have minimal anger outbursts now and most are easily controlled. He does not appear to be sad and appears to cope with “life” in a more controlled way. He is no longer aggressive towards me.  Over this process he has grown into a lovely little boy that now helps with his siblings and is a joy to be with.  He enjoys life.  Thank you for all your help; it has been a very positive experience for us



He is a different boy in class since Play Therapy began. Although he still gets angry he seems to be able to handle it. I’ve also noticed how more tolerant he is and it’s really helped his friendships. (Teacher of 9 year old boy)



J has loved going to your play therapy sessions. Wednesday was his favourite day in school. We’re so pleased that he gets on better with his brother now and his relationship with my partner has improved so much. Thanks again.



I can’t believe how far he’s come. He has joined an after school club and now has a couple of good friends in his class. He talks to my husband and me more and I think he’s more settled with the divorce. Thank you so much.



I think Play therapy was the only place she could be herself. She really loved the sessions and we can now see a happier future for her. I tell everyone about play therapy now!